Watch: “A Conversation About Racial Inequality in the Workplace”

| July 30, 2020

Zimmerman Kiser and Sutcliffe’s virtual Executive Briefings continue with a panel discussion on racial inequality in the workplace. Panelists share their experience and insight on unconscious bias and exclusion in their professional and personal lives, and discuss how business leaders can begin to effectuate meaningful change.

Many thank to our moderator, Shaunda Hill, and to our panel for dedicating their time and efforts to facilitating this discussion. Please click on the photos below to read more about our wonderful panelists.

Simon T. Bailey
Simon T. Bailey International
Phyllis C. Taite
FAMU College of Law
Zimmerman Kiser & Sutcliffe
Dr. Bahiyyah Maroon
Polis Institute
Lawrence Hatch
Suntrust Bank

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