Faculty and Admin Training for
K-12 Educational Institutions

Individualized training sessions tailored to administrators, supervisors, and faculty members regarding their duties towards employees and students.

Our legal team understands the unique challenges that private K-12 schools encounter. Annual training for faculty and administration is the best way to prevent legal issues before they arise. Our team of attorneys can provide training on:

  • Adherence to civil rights
  • Managing student disabilities
  • Student discipline
  • Abuse reporting
  • Social media
  • Privacy issues
  • Field trip/student safety
  • Bullying and cyberbullying
  • Gender discrimination
  • Risk management
  • And more
Student Social Media Training
A fresh approach to student social media training

Custom presentations

Custom multimedia presentations tailored to your school community. Tailored presentations for middle school and high school are available.

Real-world examples

Each presentation covers real-world examples based on your specific policies and procedures.

Companion parent presentation

"The Parents' Playbook: How to help your teen avoid costly online mistakes" educates parents and encourages them to partner with their teens. A Q&A period follows all presentations so parents can ask questions and get immediate feedback.

Social media
training for schools

Lori W. Smith, Esq. has spent over 25 years working directly with private, independent schools on legal issues ranging from enrollment contracts to student discipline. To support schools, for the last 12 years, Lori has provided engaging, live presentations to educate teens about cyberbullying, online challenges, written threats, and other mistakes that impact students’ futures.


“As an Education Lawyer, I know why students get suspended and expelled… and social media is often involved today. Teens need to be smart online, and parents need to be social media savvy to parent teens in the digital world.”


Lori W. Smith, ZKS LAW

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